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We are a group of Hamster Enthusiasts who have gotten together and made a hamster magazine. 

We are all members of a hamster forum, Hamster Central, and some of us other hamster forums too, like Mad about hamsters and hamster hiedout. We all share an interest in hamsters, be it breeding them, rescuing them, showing them or simply keeping them. All our articles are written by members, as well as stories and pictures contributed by them. We work together to produce the best magazine we can, and nobody gets paid for it, it is entirely voluntary - if you feel like helping out, check our Submissions page. Don't forget to like us on facebook! 

The magazine is NOT endorsed by Hamster Central or any other forums. Please do not contact Hamster Central or any other site but us about the magazine. 

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Syrian Justice Petition

James White, a politics student at the university of york, cooked his housemates pet hamster. It is unknown whether it was killed beforehand or died from the heat, because the Judge refused to listen to forensics. He escaped without a jail sentence. The petition (link below) is to ask the judge to reconsider a harsher sentence for James White.


News - 
Updated 10th December 2013

We'd really love some more contributions to our Christmas issue, so please have a look at our submissions page then get in touch!

Issue Three is here!! View it on the Issues page! 

We now have a Facebook! Please Like us:

Issue Two is released!! View it on the 'Issues' page. And let us know if you want to help out with articles and pictures, we'd love to hear from you! 

Issue one is out!!! View on the 'Issues' page!